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Reduce Your Environmental Impact When Travelling With Blue Derby Pods Ride

The importance of caring for the environment is paramount to our business values. And, now more than ever, the impact of travel on our environment is one we are all becoming more concerned about.

With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce that as a guest of Blue Derby Pods Ride you now have the option to easily reduce your environmental impact when travelling with us.

How to reduce your environmental impact?

We support Greening Australia, whereby any guests of Blue Derby Pods Ride now have the option to contribute $30-$40 towards their restoration work here in Tasmania.

Greening Australia works to restore and connect important habitat in Tasmania to create functioning, climate ready ecological communities that safeguard some of Australia’s most iconic flora and fauna.

Small steps lead to big outcomes

We understand this is only a small step towards reducing the overall impact that travel has on the environment. However, we also understand that small steps are a great starting point, and often lead to big outcomes.

If you would like to reduce your environmental impact when travelling with us, by supporting Greening Australia, select this option as an ‘extra’ when submitting your booking online.

Thank you in advance for your support!

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