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Traveller Story - Mountain Biking in Derby, Tasmania - Luxury Biking In The Bush

This recent article by Traveller really does sum up what makes our 4-Day Experience so special... Thank you for joining us Jim!

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There is no wind, the sun is shining and the water clear with a small swell crashing on the sand for background rhythm. Up on those fire-coloured rocks is a lunch of local seafood with oysters, scallops and octopus shining amid the salads and some fresh-baked sourdough, helped along with wine and beer that was also nurtured to life in these parts. Such abundance seemed justified after the ride, but it's still a rare treat to find a combination where you can sit back then sleep in luxury, all the time perched in the bush, wake to a chorus of birds and then pedal through that extraordinary landscape for lunch on the coast. As experiences go, the Blue Derby Pods Ride shines - little wonder its founders have received awards in tourism, adventure tourism and innovation for it.
Jim Darby - Traveller
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