COVID-19 & Our Travel Promise ×

Covid-19 & Our Travel Promise

As lovely as it is to have travel resume around Australia and New Zealand, COVID-19 borders closures will and are still happening from time to time.

With this in mind, for our guests gearing up to join us the 2021/22 seasons, we want your pre-trip preparation to be full of nothing but excitement. With this in mind, we have crafted a 'Travel Promise' for guests booking for these seasons:

Our Travel Promise

For guests booking to join us for the 2022/23 season we promise that:

  • Your Experience departure dates are flexible and in your control all the way up to 7 days* before your booked date. You are welcome to a full refund**, reschedule or postponement of your trip due to COVID-19 border closures***.
  • We have implemented COVID-19 health and safety measures for your trip.

* Why 7 days? This gives us the time to re-gig our food supplies and staffing if need be.

**Your refund doesn't include your small booking fee (we are so sorry!). Our booking software charges this fee and doesn't refund it back to us if you need a refund.

***We only offer refunds that relate to border closures that restrict your access to travel Tasmania. Guests who test positive to COVID-19 are welcome to reschedule or postpone their trip.

We want our guests to have control over their booking with us. We know guests want to join us, but travel restrictions are out of their control. Guests can feel at ease knowing they can reschedule up to 7 days before their booking.
Tara Howell - Director, Blue Derby Pods Ride

Thank You

Thank you... so much. Your support is always appreciated.

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