Our world and its environment is precious. We champion living a sustainable life that respects our environment. Please read in detail our sustainable practices below.

Sustainability is one of the core values of our business. We recognise that one of our key roles is to leave the environment within which we operate in an improved state where possible, and with this in mind, we have detailed some of our sustainable practices below.


All our infrastructure (Pods and Hub) operates completely off-grid. This means we store and use solar powered energy and harvest our own rainwater.

For those e-bikers wondering if we have enough power to charge your e-bikes, they answer is yes!


We adopt zero waste systems in our business to ensure we create as little landfill as possible during our Experiences. Some examples of our zero waste practices include; all our food waste goes to a local organic chook farm, we'll provide you with a keep cup to use, and instead of using disposable plastic containers we re-use stainless steel ones each trip.

From our experience, when it comes to waste it's the little things that can really add up, hence we work to eliminate all waste no matter how big or small it is.

Product Choices

All products we provide are researched to ensure sustainable practices are upheld. From the smallest things like the chocolate you'll eat as a snack on the trail to the shampoos and conditioners you'll use, we make sure these products do not harm the environment.

Leave No Trace

We adopt 'leave no trace' principles while exploring the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails. If we spot trail side rubbish, we'll pick it up!