The Purpose

Our vision inspires us. Our purpose drives us. Our values are how we behave. You'll hear about these as part of your Experience with us, they are our guiding lights.

We're so driven by our vision, purchase and values, the University of Tasmania undertook research on our business and demonstrated that through our Experience we can genuinely help facilitate our guests into experiencing Flow state. Read more here.


To inspire a global community of 'Flow Seekers'.


To give our guests a moment of great realisation during our Experience.



Life is about having fun, not taking everything too seriously... Especially when you are on holiday.


Ask the question, look around the corner. Life is better this way.


Mountain biking, Tasmanian wilderness, unknown environments, cool fresh air... We are on an adventure, and we embrace this mindset.


Trust your bikes; they are amazing pieces of machinery, trust your Experience Leaders; they are trained to guide you on this trail, trust yourself; your fighting spirit is stronger than you think.


Adventure all day, or find solitude in your Pods... It is all about finding your balance.


Our world and its environment is precious. We champion living a sustainable life that respects our environment.