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Road Cyclist to Mountain Biker… Transitioning Riding Styles During an Experience

It is not uncommon for us to have guests who are regular road cyclists but lack experience on a mountain bike. So, is it possible to transition from a road cyclist to mountain biker while on one of our Experiences? Short answer, yes. Long answer, read below.

Bike Fitness

As a road cyclist you may already have built up bike riding fitness. This fitness will transition beautifully to a mountain bike and help with the extra push required over those small pinches or longer ascents.

Bike Riding Experience

Having experience riding a bike in general also overlays nicely to a mountain bike. For example, you will be familiar with riding in a saddle for an extended period of time and you understand how brakes and gears work on bike.

Experience Leaders

When learning a new skill there is no better way to do it than with a teacher. All of our Experiences have two Experience Leaders who are trained to teach you how to mountain bike ride. From basic mountain biking skills to fine tuning already well-honed mountain biking abilities, our Experience Leaders can assist with your personal requirements.

Local Knowledge

Further to coaching benefits, having someone who knows the trail ahead of you like the back of their hand will also enhance your riding Experience. This means you can concentrate on learning or improving your new skill, rather than checking your map or worrying about what is around the next corner.

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