Scuvvers & Blue Derby Pods Ride Partnership

We are delighted to announce that we have partnered with Scuvvers!

What Are Scuvvers?

Scuvvers produces high-quality and environmentally friendly car seat protectors, which is exactly what we need for our bus seats after our guests have been exploring the Blue Derby Mountain Bike Trails for the day!

Scuvvers are the brainchild of Joan and Steve Prasser. Active and outdoorsy people, when they couldn’t find a car seat protector that ticked all their boxes, they created it.

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Scuvvers and Blue Derby Pods Ride Partnership

Scuvvers and Blue Derby Pods Ride felt like a very well-aligned partnership from the start, so both parties were thrilled to make it work.

“We were already big fans of Blue Derby Pods Ride, so this partnership felt very natural right from the start. We worked with the Pods team to develop custom Scuvvers for their Renault shuttle bus, made from Scuvvers’ proprietary 100% post-consumer-recycled textile and branded with the Blue Derby Pods Ride and POC logos. They look great and work beautifully, allowing the Pods team to peel off their Scuvvers when they return to their pod after a day on the Derby trails and just hose them off in minutes so they can get started on the canapes and wine!”- Joan and Steve Prasser – Founders, Scuvvers.

What do we love about Scuvvers?

  • Scuvvers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled textiles.
  • The material is high quality and designed to last.
  • The seat covers pack away so nicely in a detachable pouch; the design is incredibly clever.
  • The cover section is also easy to clean; you throw them in the washing machine or hose them down.
Un-doing the Scuvvers detachable pouch.
Un-doing the Scuvvers detachable pouch.

How does this partnership affect you as a Blue Derby Pods Ride guest?

When you join us for a luxury adventure mountain bike experience, you will get to try out Scuvvers when being transported on our bus, and you will be entitled to a 10% Scuvvers discount code.

We look forward to working with the Scuvvers team for many years!

Scuvvers in action in our Blue Derby Pods Ride bus.
Scuvvers in action in our Blue Derby Pods Ride bus.