Travel Times To And From Derby

Our Experiences are 'all-inclusive' which means we include transport to and from Launceston to Derby as part of your Experience with us. This means you don't need a car for those days you are with us. However, we understand some guests include our Experience as part of a longer trip in Tasmania and therefore remain having a car during their time with us. In this case, we have secure car parking for you in Derby to park your car for the duration of your stay with us and we have estimated travel times between popular travel destinations and Derby below to help planning with your trip.

Launceston to Derby

Launceston to Derby is 1.5 hours travel time. There are two routes you can choose to drive and each take the same time:

  1. Launceston, via Lilydale, Scottsdale to Derby.
  2. Launceston, via Nunamara, Scottsdale to Derby.

Option 2 includes what locals call driving over the 'Sidling'. The Sidling is part of the Targa Tasmania race course and is therefore very windy! Option 1 goes through a number of small towns and past the famous Tasmanian Lavender Farm. We choose Option 1 as our route with guests in our bus.

St Helens/East Coast Tasmania to Derby

St Helens is often referred to as the gateway to the East Coast of Tasmania and is 1 hour from Derby. The drive traverses over some wonderful rainforest rimmed roads and lush farm land before opening up to the East Coast of Tasmania.

Hobart to Derby

Although Tasmania looks small on a map, often travellers are surprised to read that from Hobart to Derby it takes approximately 4 hours to drive. There are 3 routes you can take from Hobart to Derby, but most popular is to remain on Tasman Highway/A3. Although technically this is the longest route, the other options do include some smaller country roads which can take a little longer in reality.

Derby, Tasmania
Derby, Tasmania