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Loz Stranger

Loz Stranger

Almost a Derby 'local', Loz loves anything to do with riding. You'll find her shredding almost any mountain bike trail with the confidence and finesse that most self proclaimed 'mountain bikers' aspire to hold.

She loves the combination of luxury and adventure that the Blue Derby Pods Ride experience offers, and also holds the title for single speed world champion. These types of accolades could give the impression that Loz's personality is one that you wouldn't want to mess with. Quite the opposite, Loz is gentle, warm and playful... A day riding with her is always a pleasure.

Fun Facts

Famous for Making vegetarian 'sausage' rolls.
Favourite ride Any ride where I try something new... And Blue Tier descent in Tasmania.
Secret loves Steel frame hard tail Honzo and my pottery wheel.
Hopes to Be riding when I'm 80.